Hi! My name’s Daniel St. Jules and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa with an Honours B.Sc. with Specialization in Computer Science. I’m a web developer with experience in web design as well as graphic design. Here’s a small list of things I’ve worked on:

SoundStation is an open source LAN-based music application I co-author and built on Derby.js and Node.js. It can be used by event hosts to allow their visitors to request/queue songs from their mobile devices. DJs can use this feature to accept requests, or in their absence, music can be queued and played automatically given input from the events guests.

ServerLogStats is an open source project and application that helps with analyzing server traffic logs. It makes use of HTML5’s File Api to process Apache/Nginx logs right in the user’s browser. It then presents various statistics and charts based on visitor information. A public repository with the full source can be found at https://github.com/danielstjules/ServerLogStats

MarkUs is an open source assignment submission and grading tool geared towards Software Engineering and Computer Science departments. As part of UCOSP, I contributed to the codebase with new features, bug fixes, and extensive documentation and functional tests. I worked on the application’s RESTful API, and intend to continue making contributions to the project.

labtracker is an open source Django app developed at the request of Dr. Ramon Maldonado-Basilio, a Post-Doctorial Researcher at the University of Ottawa. It has been designed to keep track of equipment information and use in a university lab setting. I co-created it with another student in our free time, and it has been tailored to the requirements of the PTLab.

In my 2nd year of University, I joined uOttawa’s iGem team and co-created an educational synthetic biology puzzle game called “Gears of Evolution”. The game won the team Gold in the Human Practices criterion of the competition held at MIT. Its source code can be found on GitHub and a final working version is located here.

In my senior year of High School, I started WebEnuity.ca: a web design business helping local companies establish an online identity. The business was started as part of the Ministry’s Summer Company program as well as the ECSSM’s High School Business Plan Competition. Some of the websites that I created that summer and through the first year of University can still be found there.

Gamexe.net is a hobby website I first started in middle school, and actively ran through all of high school. The website is still available and contains a variety of tutorials and resources created by myself and staff. The site also hosts the phpBB3 styles I’ve created, including: CoDFaction, twilightBB, Cerulean, and DarkFantasy. All phpBB3 styles can be downloaded from phpBB.com.